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Elect Mickey Barger
Republican State Executive Committeeman - 12th District

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Who is Mickey Barger?

Like many of the residents in the 12th District, Mickey grew up on a farm and remembers all too well the daily chores as a child, with some of his fondest memories being feeding the cattle. His work ethic didn't stop when he left the farm because his parents, the late C.R. and Mary Barger, purchased a grocery store where Mickey spent his time off the farm stocking shelves and minding the store. During these early years, Mickey demonstrated effective leadership as Chapter President and District President of the Future Farmers of America, achieving the FFA State Farmer degree. As Barger Grocery turned into a contracting business and the company name changed to C.R. Barger & Sons, Inc., Mickey led the way into the 21st century. Contracting, septic installations, onsite wastewater treatment plants, and advancements in precast concrete manufacturing were all important business pursuits and vital to the success of the company.

Being involved in the community has always been a top priority for Mickey, but he is always careful to remain humble about his contributions. Growing up in a Southern Baptist church, Mickey focused on serving in every possible way. He is active in First Baptist Church Lenoir City, serving as a Deacon and participating in the Tennessee Disaster Relief programs. He contributed to local high school athletic programs because of his love of football, and served for 30 years refereeing TSSAA high school football games. Mickey has always demonstrated his willingness to help local governments solve problems locally, from replacing bridges due to failed infrastructure to helping out school systems because he believes in education for our children.

Along the way Mickey has experienced the ups and downs of business and life. All too often the two go hand-in-hand when you are a small business owner. This is where Mickey's real life experience will pay off for the 12th district. Mickey has a no nonsense attitude combined with real life experiences and common sense approaches that will improve the Tennessee Republican State Executive Committee.

Mickey is easy to relate to. You won’t find him spouting technical babble, political rhetoric, or exhibiting the evasiveness of a lifetime politician. He is approachable, to the point, and willing to listen. There is no pretense in Mickey Barger - what you see is what you get.

Mickey is a 1972 graduate of Oliver Springs high school and a 1974 graduate of Roane State Community College.

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