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Elect Mickey Barger
Republican State Executive Committeeman - 12th District

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Voters have a real choice for Republican State Executive Committeeman - 12th District

Republican voters in Campbell, Fentress, Morgan, Pickett, Rhea, Roane, and Scott counties finally have a real choice in electing their Republican State Executive Committeeman for the 12th District.

First Choice - Mickey Barger, a Roane County small business owner who has faced every roadblock set up by an overly zealous and controlling Federal Government and still succeeded in maintaining a thriving business that provides a good living wage and excellent benefits package for its employees.

The Other Choice - Jim Cobb, who spent his career as a manager working for a government-owned corporation where the challenges were very different from those experienced by most business owners and taxpayers in the 12th District.

Why is this choice so important to the Republican voters of the 12th District? It’s simply a matter of experience and common sense and how those attributes mold and shape the policies of the Republican Party in Tennessee. As a small businessman faced with all of the governmental challenges that plague our country and hamper our economy, Mickey Barger had to improve efficiency and effectiveness of his business operations to stay competitive - the livelihood of all of his employees was on the line. His success was demonstrated by the Roane Alliance naming C.R. Barger & Sons industry of the year in 2013.

Choose Mickey Barger and build a Republican Party in Tennessee that strives to ease the Federal stranglehold on the lives and businesses of Tennesseans!

Mickey (far right) is an avid sporting clay shooter.

Mickey (far right) is an avid sporting clay shooter.

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